How do we extinguish our addictions?

I feel it’s my duty as an advice-giving fitness professional to be authentic.  I’m not going to sit high atop my blogging throne and claim perfectionism in my own fitness & health pursuits.  And I’m certainly not going to wag my finger at you with condescending pity when I hear that you’ve made some not-so-healthy choices.

What good would that do?  No one walks the straight and narrow 100% of the time.  Even those well-intentioned folks (like me!) who strive to help others improve their journey toward better health.

Nah, I’d rather divulge my mistakes and imperfections to you.  So that you can feel like you’re not alone!  And so that you can feel supported in picking yourself up again and again.

Those agonizing thuds that happen when you fall down from your high points WILL happen again and again.  Because you can’t always be motivated and inspired and devoted and flawless.  Life happens.  Your internal drive ebbs and flows.  You find absolute joy from all aspects of life – and then sometimes you feel so heavy and lethargic.  Stress leads you down forbidden pathways.  You make a couple unfortunate choices and ‘POOF!’, you become addicted to a bad habit.

Another freakin' low tide...

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Random Lessons on Becoming a Parent

You know, it’s always easier to give advice and recommendations when you’ve gone through an experience for yourself.  You become better able to relate to others in a specific situation.  You “get it”.  And the individuals on the receiving end of your advice can FEEL that you get it.

I have always prided myself on trying every exercise variation or fitness program or sport before coaching it, recommending it, or poo-pooing it.  So when I used to dole out pieces of advice to the sporadic pregnant woman looking for my help, I was never truly confident in my advice.  I didn’t have that connection to the experience that would help me fully relate.  Sure, I did plenty of research to back up my recommendations.  But research will never beat real experience.  There’s a wisdom gained in personal experience.  The best coaches have plenty of personal experience in their chosen fields.

So I’m thrilled to now have an insider’s view of pregnancy, childbirth, and all things postpartum.  And I am comfortably sliding into the natural role of fitness mentor for pregnant ladies.  (They seem to be seeking me out as of late!)  You see, having earned the title of “Mom” after a very enjoyable, healthy pregnancy, other women now feel that I GET it.

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New Years Resolutions: Badass or Bunk?

I recently held a contest for residents of the LBC who are looking to transform themselves through our new program, Project 2012.  And in that contest, participants were asked to give their New Years Resolution and to explain how attaining it would make their life better.

Now, I personally thought twice about asking for New Years Resolutions.  I mean, the resolution is a tradition that truly has become trendy and pointless.  It’s as if people make up any goal because it’s the thing you’re “supposed to do” at this time of year.

Look at any newspaper, magazine, online resource or entertainment news show throughout the month of December, and you won’t be able to miss a flimsy story about top ten resolutions, how to make and keep your resolutions, and fun resolution ideas.  It’s all become a trivial, silly thing.  Not many folks keep the resolutions that they make.

But some do.

And because of that fact, I will never shun New Years Resolutions. (Plus, I have nothing against traditions and cultural customs!)

If you think about it, the turnover period from one year to the next really is a great time to reevaluate and set new goals.  It’s a time for introspection… A time for realizing how much time has passed and how close (or far) you are from where you want to be.  And as you slow down to celebrate life for just a short while with your friends and family, you often feel that bubbling of motivation to change for the better.

The beginning of the year is not the only time to change habits and set lofty goals.  There are plenty of other seasons, time frames and milestones that will serve as a fabulous time for change.

But if you’re ready to work toward a new goal… I say go ahead and set one.  Sing out to all those around you that you’ve set a rockin’ New Years Resolution!  And go for it wholeheartedly.

Here’s to your success in 2012!!


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